Evaluation and Consultation

This first step is to examine the stone floor or counter top to determine how worn or damaged it really is. This step is important because a full refinishing is not always necessary. All too often, marble care companies will just go ahead and grind the floor in order to charge the customer as much money as possible. However, a proper polish or light grind will often do the trick, making the stone look new again with as little work as possible. Once we’ve determined how much work is necessary, we’ll explain exactly what we’re going to do and why it has to be done. We also like to give our customer a variety of options to allow for spending budgets and time restrictions.


Now that we’ve determined what needs to be done and what the customer expects, we can go ahead and begin restoring the stone. We take all the necessary precautions by prepping the area that’s to be worked on by putting plastic on the baseboards and drop sheets wherever we need to walk. We also use water when grinding and honing the floor usually from 200 grits to 800 grits so there is no need to worry about dust. Experience & high quality products mean the job is done right the first time & that is why we can guarantee customer satisfaction.


We use tools and diamond abrasive technology to polish your stone . we move on futher in the process with crystallization, Colour enhacement to bring out the veins of the stone and throw in a wet look effect at the end leaving the surface stunning.


The stone has been restored and is now ready for a proper seal. This is a vital step as an unprotected floor or counter top is susceptible to stains and moisture. That is why we use only the highest grade silicone impregnating sealers that sink into the stone to ensure that harmful liquids remain on the surface. We also have products for high traffic areas which actually harden the stones surface, enabling it to better resist scratches and overall wear in general. These products are especially useful in commercial buildings. If the customer would like to enhance the color of the stone, color enhancing impregnating sealers can be used to bring out the veins and character within the stone.

Maintenance Sessions

Even after the stone has been restored and sealed, its newly finished surface will begin to wear over time. Proper daily care will greatly extend its new appearance, but ongoing foot traffic and other factors will gradually wear away at it. Although a periodic maintenance program will mean additional expense, it will ensure a beautiful floor at all times and prevent the need for complete refinishing in the future. The frequency of these sessions will be determined by both the needs of your specific stone and the appearance level that you would like to maintain.

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