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TilesRus offers exceptional, professional tile and grout restoration services! Our technicians are trained to clean ceramic & porcelain tile and grout on floors and walls of shower stalls, we also restore and polish all kinds of natural stone like marble on floors, showers, countertops and kitchen Island.
You will be amazed and impressed by how your tile and grout can look when professionally cleaned with effective products, tools and techniques.

Here at TilesRus , we’re committed to exceptional customer service with end results that will amaze! Most of our customers say their tile isn’t just noticeably cleaner, but that it has never looked so good! Let our experts make your floors, showers look new again! Take advantage of TilesRus tile and grout cleaning services! Book your appointment today!

Best Tile and Grout Restoration in Toronto

If you are looking for tile and grout in Toronto or tile and grout restoration in Toronto, at that point, you have come to the right place. TilesRus has the best tile and grout restorer in Toronto. Your dirty tile and grout is the main culprit which should be blamed. No matter how hard you try to make your tiled areas cleaner, they become dirty over the time. The regular cleaning you do at home is not enough to maintain the cleaner look and shine of your tiles. Moreover, trying DIYs to clean your tiles can actually damage them.

Bad tiles affect the look of your place drastically. Restore your tile and grout to the new look and make your home a better place with the help of our top-notch tile and grout restoration services in Toronto.

Professional Tile Grout Restorer in Toronto

Our Toronto tile and grout restorers are available the same day for residential & commercial cleaning services. In the everyday busy life, no one wants to leave the cleaning to the next day. Fortunately, TilesRus has very professional and experienced tile and grout restoration team in Toronto. If you got dirty & moldy tiles, just call us before hiring any other cleaning company. TilesRus has got right eco-friendly restoration methods, safe for your family and pets. Give us the call in the first half, our tile and grout restorer in Toronto will be at your property on the very same day for expert tile and grout restoration in Toronto.

Our tile and grout restorers in Toronto are professional with so many years of experience in tile and grout restoration services in Toronto. As our company’s name stand TilesRus, our tile and grout restorer in Toronto will try to restore the original look of your tiles and grouts. Your tiles will look clean with our high-quality restoration solutions and advanced equipment without burning a hole in your pocket.

Our tile and grout restorers in Toronto are certified, experienced professionals which follow a defined process. When you hire our Toronto tile and grout restorer, we will use a tried and tested method that will guarantee your property is as cleaned as it can possibly be with our tile and grout restoration in Toronto. There is never been a better time to engage one of our professionals for your home’s tile and grout restoration in Toronto. We will use only the best and biodegradable chemicals to give your home the professional restoration that it needs.

Simply call us at 416-858-9590 and hire the best tile and grout restoration in Toronto.

Our Services

Advertise of removes dirt build up


Old grout removed and new grout installed (worse case scenario)


We remove old caulking in shower stalls and re caulk.


You get your tile and grout sealed with an impregnator sealer designed to act as a hydrophobic stain resistant barrier.
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