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TilesRus offers exceptional, professional tile and grout restoration services! Our technicians are trained to clean ceramic & porcelain tile and grout on floors and walls of shower stalls, we also restore and polish all kinds of natural stone like marble on floors, showers, countertops and kitchen Island.
You will be amazed and impressed by how your tile and grout can look when professionally cleaned with effective products, tools and techniques.
Here at TilesRus , we’re committed to exceptional customer service with end results that will amaze! Most of our customers say their tile isn’t just noticeably cleaner, but that it has never looked so good! Let our experts make your floors, showers look new again! Take advantage of TilesRus tile and grout cleaning services! Book your appointment today!

Our Services

Advertise of removes dirt build up


Old grout removed and new grout installed (worse case scenario)


We remove old caulking in shower stalls and re caulk.


You get your tile and grout sealed with an impregnator sealer designed to act as a hydrophobic stain resistant barrier.
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