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TilesRus is a reputable tile restoration company in Toronto . We have been successfully restoring tiin residential and commercial areas in Toronto and G.T.A
Most of the primary concerns of homeowners looking to sell their homes or periodic maintenance is the presence to mildew, mold stains, discolorations, soap scums and hard water stains in shower stalls and floors. Back splash and kitchen floors are exposed to a lot of oil splashes, stains and vapors. They build up in the nooks and crannies of your floor over a long period of time.
As many buyers are hesitant to buy a home if the home has old bathrooms, old and dull tile and grout could reduce the value of your property.
Our trained certified technician will successfully restore your tile and grout to its original color without replacement.

We also restore and polish all types of natural stones like marble, Terrazzo, Travertine, Limestone e.t.c.
Floors Countertop Kitchen Island Our competitive rates and excellent services makes us one of the most popular choice among Toronto homeowners and businesses.

Naturally, tile surface restoration is tedious work and it needs in-depth cleaning and restoration for a better result. To make your home or office tiles sparkle and properly clean, you should hire a professional and experienced Tile Restoration Toronto service provider that offers this service at the best prices.

In fact, the experts have advanced Tile Floor Restoration Toronto methods that ensure lustrous and glorious tiles. Even, this is the most cost-effective and reliable option to choose.

Professional Tile Restoration Toronto:

If you have been searching for the best yet affordable tiles or grout restoration service provider in Toronto or nearby areas, then your search is over here. With TilesRus professionals, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Give us a chance and our expert team will do all the hard work for you in a professional manner.

TilesRus is the most trusted and dependable company that has been serving this business for a decade. Using the wealth of experience, we have been successfully providing the best Tile Floor Restoration Toronto service for both residential and commercial properties. We can handle every type of tiles and grouts effectively to make it clean, sanitize and restore to bring its prior look.

In general, grout is an absorbent material that quickly absorbs dirt and stains. You can mop it regularly, but it won’t give you a satisfying result and it will look dirty an ugly. In that case, our highly trained technicians can get this job done in a responsible way by applying superior cleaning techniques combined with professional products and remove dirt and contaminants from the pores of tiles and grouts. As our staffs are fully licensed and insured, you will receive a safe service that best suits your need to the optimum.

To receive a great deal on Tile Restoration Toronto and replacement service, you can contact us online or call our staffs. They will offer you a free quote with no obligation as well as free advice.

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Why Charging a Premium Price has Got Us More Clients

In the trades and service industry, so many business owners stress out by being “out bid” or “out priced” by their competition. However, the reality is that the most successful trades and business owners are the also the most expensive. If you want to build a company that has enough money to afford to expand, market, and upgrade equipment. You need to have a margin that does more than just pay the bills. – Deep down, I know you know this 😉

“How do I give the cheapest price to our customers?” is not our question. Our question is … “How can I charge a client a premium price for my service and have them be 100% satisfied with the value we give them?”
Here are the reason why TilesRus charge more for our prices today…

1) – Most people who look for a service are not just looking at you. They’re checking out a few options. If you’re the lowest price, they will likely wonder why. Do you not have a lot of experience? Are they going to get screwed somehow? Are there things they need that won’t be included? Are you going to disappear into the wind if something goes wrong? Yes, people price shop, but price, isn’t what will make their final decision. If you’re in the normal ballpark of price, stats indicate that 80% of their decision will be made on whether they LIKE you or not.

2) – Charging a premium price gives potential clients confidence that we know what we are doing and they’ll be taken care of.

3) – It allows us to take on fewer clients and give more attention to the ones we have. Clients want that attention and want to hire someone that will provide it.

4) – Higher price = higher perceived value. Lower price= lower perceived value. People want the biggest bang for their buck – not the cheapest price. Skilled labour is not cheap and cheap labour is not skilled. Remember you get what you paid for.

quick question – are you planning on getting 2 – 3 quotes? Yes, okay great. Just to let you know in advance our prices are on the high end of the range. The reason for this is because we offer an exceptional service and experience and we charge for it” TilesRus as a brand is absolutely not the cheapest contractor in the greater Toronto area. It was also something we let our customers know prior to going to an estimate;

History has proven that our clients after seeing all the value, professionalism, reliability and pride in workmanship we cram into our services, turns into a much higher closing rate.

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